Cutting Edge Security

We take advantage of the latest technology to ensure that your assets are as safe as possible.

General Security

SellBitcoin™ utilizes a stack of the latest technological advancements and tools available to maintain its source code and applications, including both web and server. Every user is prompted to define a strong password which is then cryptographically hashed through our system. Inactive users are automatically logged out and the session history is removed automatically to prevent any unauthorized access on their accounts.

Server Isolation & Access

SellBitcoin™ servers are isolated, and each one can be accessed only through a set of complex rules unique to our private network. Multiple layers of gateways are required to allow access to data and to conduct transactions, making it the most secure trading platform in Canada. Our isolated servers are hosted in one of the top and the most secure data centers in the world.

Secret Vault

SellBitcoin™ uses one of a kind secret vault that’s been built from scratch to store sensitive information on our system. This digital vault has been created with the highest technological standards and placed behind a virtual cloud, and its location is hidden from any entity besides the pre-defined ones in our own systems.

Multi-sig wallets

We use Multi-sig wallets that require more than one key to authorize a digital transaction. This ensures the responsibility of transactions are delegated to make sure all transactions are legitimate. Standard transactions on the cryptocurrency networks are mostly “single-signature transactions”. However, SellBitcoin™ supports much more complicated transactions that require the signatures of multiple peers before the funds can be transferred.

System Wallets

SellBitcoin™ uses 3 different advanced wallet technologies to keep assets and transactions safe: Cold Wallet: Cold storage wallets are kept offline in a secure safety deposit box that is only retrievable only if the two founders are present at the same time. This process protects our exchange from intrusion when hackers attempt to breach the platform. Hot Wallet: Enables accounting of digital currencies during an influx of deposit requests. Warm Wallet: Wallet for daily cash flow required by our platform operations that are stored in our digital Secret Vault for absolute maximum security.

Two way authentication factor

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA or two-step verification, is an extra feature designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account and digital wallets on SellBitcoin™. By requiring two forms of identity verification: your password and an authentication code. 2FA is the current standard to make sure accounts are safe from unauthorized access since they would also require access to your mobile device or email account, depending on how you set it up.

Suspicious activity Logger

SellBitcoin™ logs all activity of it’s system. Any suspicious hacking activity will immediately start the alarms and alert administrators to review and verification. Said activities could include logging in to SellBitcoin™ systems account from multiple locations during a short timeframe or through an unknown IP address, among others that would constitute “suspicious activity”.

DDOS Protection

SellBitcoin™ uses a top standard CDN to distribute its content to prevent DDoS attacks that are gaining traction amongst hackers to disable an exchange and interfere with its activity.

256 bit SSL

We use an end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption to make sure all communications originating from the web browser and relayed to our servers are cryptographically secure and can’t be deciphered.