Bitcoin to PayPal exchange guide

Exchange between bitcoin and Paypal, the easy way.™ has tried to facilitate the process of changing from bitcoin to PayPal as much as possible. For this, a step-by-step system has been chosen to minimize the possibility of making an error.

Please follow next steps in the order.

1. Select PayPal as transfer method.

2. Enter your paypal account email.

Enter your paypal account email in the Destination field.

3. Enter a reference (optional)

4. Select your currency.

Select your currency between USD, EUR, CHF, RUB...

5. Resolve the captcha.

6. Calculate fiat you get and continue

Enter the amount of bitcoins you are going to send to get the amount of your fiat currency that will be send to your account (fees included).

7. Send your bitcoins and Download your "Guarantee Letter"